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Multiple Year Pledge

Become a Star Circle Member

Our ability to provide exceptional entertainment and a positive impact on our local economy is dependent on your support. The truth is that ticket sales alone cannot sustain top quality theatre. Even if we doubled our ticket prices, we would not be able to pay artists a living wage and provide top quality design and production for our season of plays and musicals. We would also not be able to support our Youth Theatre Workshops and free family concert series Sunset at the Summit.

For these reasons, we are inviting you to become a member of our Star Circle.

The Lake Dillon Theatre Company Star Circle Campaign for the Future is a special fundraising initiative that asks our most loyal supporters to make a two year pledge of donations in the amount of one of the following:

  • $25,000 (Diamond Level)
  • $10,000 (Gold Level)
  • $5,000 (Silver Level)
  • $2,500 (Bronze Level)

All pledges and donations will be payable over two years.

The purpose of the Star Circle Campaign is to meet the expenses associated with sustaining the high quality of productions that our audiences have come to expect, to create a reserve fund, and to continue planning for The Lake Dillon Theatre Company's exciting future. As we move toward expansion, The Lake Dillon Theatre Company must secure its operational and reserve funding, add much needed development staff, and demonstrate that our patron and donor bases are invested in our growth and sustainability.

For more information about the Star Circle Campaign, and/or to request a private meeting with The Lake Dillon Theatre Company staff and a board member to learn more about this program, please contact Shawnna Dodd at 970.513.1151 Ext 107 or shawnna@lakedillontheatre.org

Other Ways To Give: 

Monthly Giving

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