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Production/Company Manager Job Description:

The Lake Dillon Theatre Company in Silverthorne, Colorado is a professional theatre committed to enhancing the quality of life in Summit County and the Colorado Front Range by providing unique and accessible cultural experiences through the Performing Arts. We increase imagination, engagement and empathy in our community through our performance, educational and outreach programming. 

The LDTC's core values of integrity, impact, quality, intimacy, and diversity of programming influence all aspects of development, programming, and operations. Staff are expected to fulfill their responsibilities with consistent consideration of these core values.  Additionally, the LDTC maintains a unique organizational culture that is intimate, fast-paced, and fully-integrated between all departments. These unique aspects of the LDTC require all staff members to multi-task projects in an often-times complex work environment.  The intimate nature of our staff and the broad depth and scope of programming require all staff members to constantly be aware of and support other departments in order to achieve organizational success each year. 

The Production/Company Manager is responsible for the overall theatrical production and day-to-day business of the production departments, (including but not limited to costumes, props, scenery, stage management, lights and sound).  The PM/CM reports to the Artistic Director.  The PM/CM plays a key role in the managerial direction of the productions as pertains to quality, timeliness and scheduling of artists for the theatrical productions.    The chief responsibility of the Production/Company Manager is to run the Production Department and manage the company members in support of the artistic vision of the company.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

General Responsibilities:

  • Manage and supervise the Production Staff.   
  • Develop and manage the production budget collaborating with the Artistic Director and TD.  
  • Develop and manage the season calendar collaborating with the TD.

Production Responsibilities:

  • Creating and managing the budget collaborating with the Artistic Director and PSM/CM.
  • Hiring and supervising the design team and production staff 
  • scheduling and supervising design and production meetings, 
  • scheduling and supervising technical rehearsals in tandem with stage management and director, 
  • scheduling and supervising strike, 
  • considering the safety of those in our employ and our constituents, account for and organization of production related inventory with Technical Director.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Creating and managing a plan for capital investments with the Technical Director
  • reporting budget to Artistic Director & Executive Director
  • ensure Visiting Companies and Individuals follow facility guidelines and agreements
  • meet weekly with Artistic Director.

Production & Facilities Support:

  • Supports all members of production teams and offers practical guidance at each stage of the process;
  • Assessing production, training and technical requirements of each show, and advising on feasibility;
  • Carrying out the bulk of production training, across the breadth of Theatre activity;
  • Provides a welcoming and supportive environment at the LDTC;
  • Maintaining a friendly and proactive approach to helping all users

Educational Programming:

  • Works directly with the Educational Director on meeting the needs of the Educational department in its production requirements 
  • Provides necessary support for educational team in assuring that rehearsal and performances set/props/costumes/lights/etc are all available,
  • transported, loaded in and struck, as needed
  • Provides any support needed to educational programming

Health and Safety:

  • Working with the Technical Director to oversee production health and safety; 
  • Receiving and approving risk assessments and production plans;
  • Signing off the stage before technical rehearsals;
  • Works with the Operations and Technical supervisors on Health and Safety; 
  • Ensuring policy and procedures are up-to-date and adhered to

Artistic Engagement:

  • Broadens opportunities for theatre-makers;
  • Proactively encouraging involvement with the Theatre/educational programs/rentals/classes/events/functions;
  • Encouraging innovative and unusual ideas;
  • Facilitates workshops and events to supplement the Theatre’s program;
  • Inspires a professional and ambitious approach to presenting high-quality theatre.

Company Management:

  • Transportation and Housing
  • Address the general needs of company members
  • Coordinate travel arrangements of company members
  • Procure housing for all company members
  • Manage any utility or other expenses associated
  • Manage the copying, distribution and collection of keys
  • Prepare in-kind donation forms or lease agreements, as necessary
  • Greet Company Members as they arrive, as determined
  • Organize all company events
  • Assist or take the lead in planning company meet & greets
  • Consists of arranging location, food, drinks, guest lists, transportation, other duties
  • Assist or take the lead in planning company post show events/cast parties
  • Consists of arranging location, food, drinks, guest lists, transportation, other duties
  • Maintain and track Company Management and Housing Budgets
  • Contracts and Correspondence
  • Compile and maintain LDTC’s Contact Sheet
  • Set up company email distribution lists
  • Prepare, mail, receive and distribute all contracts including AEA
  • Maintain and distribute a LDTC information and Employee Handbook
  • Collect and distribute to the appropriate departments all employment paperwork, measurement charts, bios, safety forms, etc
  • Assistant to the Artistic Director
  • Order, distribute and collect scripts and scores
  • Auditions:  write and release audition notices and book audition time slots
  • Auditions:  Manage all arrangements of auditions
  • Attend weekly one-on-one meetings
  • Assists Business Manager/Bookkeeper in distributing payroll stubs to company members
  • Distribute company mail on a timely basis

Summary of Additional Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling of (but not limited to) the following:
  • Production Calendar
  • Artists Agreements
  • Rehearsal & Lab Spaces (and other space uses)
  • Production Meetings
  • Performance Spaces
  • Transfers of rehearsals to main stages (and all duties tied)
  • Close outs (Strike, Storage Space, reconciliation of payments/reimbursements/petty cash)
  • Works with Management Team to support day-to-day operation of LDTC facilities
  • Assist in managing and overseeing all production aspects of events at multi-purpose performing arts facility
  • Manage personnel during load-in/load-out, rehearsals and performances
  • Manage Wardrobe personnel during rehearsal and performances in conjunction with Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Develop, implement, manage and document all production labor for event and facility budgets (in coordination with Company Manager)
  • Management of extensive list of vendor relationships, including contract maintenance, and licensing and permitting authorities
  • Development and implementation of maintenance and repair schedules for all technical systems in the facility
  • Manage and oversee hiring and staffing for all events and seasonal production staff (in coordination with Company Manager)
  • Assist in the development and implementation of venue guidelines, policies and procedures for delivery of services by the production department and other facility needs.
  • Participate in venue site visits and coordinate needs as required
  • Attend all relevant meetings, functions and discussions
  • Communicate regularly and provide other departments with production information

Other Duties:

  • Front of House - all staff at the LDTC will occasionally work Front of house duties.  This in part of our core value of Intimacy.  It gives our patrons an opportunity to know everyone on staff.
  • Holding overall responsibility for back stage operations and fire safety.
  • Other duties assigned by Artistic Director and Executive Director

General/Organizational:  These competencies are to be demonstrated by everyone in employ at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company.   They represent a standard of expectancy as it relates to the organizations core values.

  • Quality/Compliance:   Achieving a standard of excellence with our work processes and outcomes, honoring the LDTC policies
  • Customer focus:   Striving for the highest customer satisfaction, going out of our way to be helpful and pleasant, making it as easy as possible on the customer rather than our organization
  • Communication:   Balancing listening and talking, speaking and writing clearly and accurately, keeping others informed 
  • Collegiality:   Being helpful, respectful, approachable and team oriented, building strong working relationships and a positive work environment 
  • Initiative:   Taking ownership of our work, doing what is needed without being asked, following through 
  • Efficiency:   Planning ahead, managing time well, being on time, being cost conscious, thinking of better ways to do things 
  • Coachability:   Being receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embracing continuous improvement
  • People management (for those with direct reports):   Setting clear expectations, reviewing progress, providing feedback and guidance, holding people accountable


This job description is only a summary of the typical functions of the job, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks, and duties. The responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outlined in the job description, and other duties, as assigned, might be part of the job.   The Production Manager supervises the overall production and assists in making the financial decisions.   Accurately accounting for expenditures is vital to staying within the production budget.

Required Skills and Experience:  The ideal candidate will have experience in a professional theatre company setting as a Production Manager, Technical Director or Stage Manager.   Candidate must possess exceptional organizational, written, and office administration.   Superior skills in verbal communication, time management, and interpersonal skills a must.   Other attributes must include confidentiality, collaboration, and being a team player.  The successful candidate must minimally have a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre or Theatre Production.    Familiarity with both Apple and Microsoft operating systems.   


  • High $30's
  • Full Health Benefits covered by LDTC (Vision and Dental offered and covered by employee)
  • Generous PTO Policy 

Please Send Cover Letter, Resume And A List Of References To