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The Wardrobe Supervisor will be in charge of the wardrobe department and oversee all wardrobe needs including changeover/maintenance, costume stock inventory/alteration, costume shop supervision/labor, laundry/dry cleaning supervision, maintenance/inventory of all costume and wardrobe equipment, and other in-production duties and crew track for the productions. This position works very closely with the Resident Costume Designer. A wardrobe apprentice will be a direct report to this position for the duration of the summer season.


Oversee implementation, operation, and maintenance of all wardrobe needs for the summer season in a number of venues. Ensure costume designs/plots are executed as required per discussions with the artistic director, director, and designers. Each design is to be ready and loaded in before Sunday of each tech week and should reflect high artistic quality and professional attention to detail. All designs must be maintained throughout the production run. Any costume notes needed during the course of the production are to be administered before the next scheduled performance. In-performance operation of wardrobe tracks and proper execution/tracking wardrobe requirements or other crew duties as required by the Production Stage Manager.


Qualified applicants will serve as Costume Designer for the LAB SOLO SERIES studio shows outlined below. This position will be required to provide any design materials, information, and otherwise communicate design materials to the artistic director and director prior to the first rehearsal. All costume designs will be approved by the Resident Costume Designer.


The Wardrobe Supervisor will report to the Production Manager, Technical Director, and Resident Costume Designer. The Wardrobe Supervisor will supervise the Wardrobe Apprentice during the contract dates and any job responsibilities or design work on special events as assigned to the apprentice. Working with the rest of the production staff, Wardrobe Supervisor will ensure all wardrobe requirements for each production/event meets all specifications per discussions with the artistic director, director, and artistic team, as well as overseeing wardrobe maintenance throughout the course of the run.


Wardrobe Supervisor must be present and perform required duties at rehearsals and performances to the satisfaction of artistic director, director, and production stage manager. Wardrobe Supervisor will be required to work in the costume shop in collaboration with the Resident Costume Designer on various production work. During tech week and through the run of the productions, Wardrobe Supervisor will execute necessary wardrobe duties or otherwise serve on the crew as assigned by the Production Stage Manager.


Supervise maintenance of all wardrobe equipment, costume maintenance/repair and any other show-related equipment and duties. Coordinate repairs, alterations or replacements as needed for built, rented, or stock garments.


Plan and oversee all wardrobe strikes and changeovers of productions and special events.


The LDTC also hosts a series of one-man shows in its smaller ‘lab’ venue. Qualified candidates for Wardrobe Supervisor may be offered be design work and implementation of these three designs on the 10x10 stage in this studio-style venue. (Buyer & Cellar: June 30 – July 09) (Pretty Fire: August 11 – August 20) (Grounded: September 22 – October 1)


The LDTC also produces theatre for young actors in a workshop environment throughout the summer, culminating in each session’s fully realized production. The Wardrobe Supervisor will assist the Resident Costume Designer in the execution of these designs, and will also assist backstage during the dress rehearsals and performances of the Workshops as required by the artistic team. (ALADDIN JR (July 15, 22) ALICE IN WONDERLAND (August 5), ADDAMS FAMILY JR (August 12).


BA or BFA in technical theatre, costume design, or equivalent work experience. Degree can be in progress for consideration. Working knowledge of garment construction and alteration for theatrical use required. Knowledge of costume shop and wardrobe equipment (industrial sewing machines, commercial irons, laundry appliances, etc.) and proper garment care, maintenance and storage required. Some design experience preferred. Must display a positive attitude with a focus on people and our community. Demonstrate professional conduct at all times. Strong leadership skills. Comfortable working with both hired crew and volunteers of varying experience and abilities. Proficient oral and written communication skills. Ability to decipher costume plots, wardrobe track sheets, ground plans, and other design elements whether hand-written or via software technology.


This job requires climbing stairs, using ladders, scissor lifts, costume appliance, and power tools. There is also a certain amount of lifting and carrying of weights of up to approximately 50 lbs.


  • Contract Start Date: May 29
  • Contract End Date: Sept. 30
  • $350-$400/week, DOE
  • Housing provided

Travel Stipend available

Ability to bring vehicle a plus


Letter of interest, resume, website/portfolio links

Please send all application materials to: Benjamin Whitmore, Production Manager, (Please include WARDROBE SUPERVISOR in the subject line)