2022 Theatre Season

Rediscover… the Lake Dillon Theatre Company!

Memory House

2022 Theatre Season

Rediscover Family…

Unfolding in real time, Memory House is about a young and an older woman who are forced to grapple with the past as they face an uncertain future.
March 11-27

The Crossword Play

2022 Theatre Season

Rediscover Worth…

The Puzzlemaker is holding a workshop to teach you to make a crossword puzzle! As the Puzzlemaker embarks on their creation, they reveal the tricks of the trade, but also something unexpected: there is power in puzzles. Will the Puzzlemaker use their powers for good–or evil? And which choice means making a puzzle that will solve their life?
May 27 – June 12


2022 Theatre Season

Rediscover The Movie (but different and BETTER)…

August 12 – 31


2022 Theatre Season

Rediscover Hope…

MALA is a darkly funny tale about what it means to put our loved ones first, right to the very end, and what happens when we strive to be good but don’t always succeed.
July 29 – August 21

The Revolutionists

2022 Theatre Season

Rediscover Sisterhood…

Four beautiful, badass women lose their heads in this irreverent, girl-powered comedy set during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror.
September 2 – 25

Holiday Follies

2022 Theatre Season

Rediscover Joy…

A holiday thrill ride that celebrates all things December.  With music, dancing, comedy, contests, caroling, and merriment coming out your stockings…YULE LOVE IT!
December 9 – 30

Tomás and the Library Lady

Dual Language Theatre Production

Rediscover Imagination…

Tomás, the son of migrant farm workers, meets a librarian who introduces him to the wonderful world of books. The stories enrich the lives of Tomás’ family and instill a love of reading.
March 22 – April 2 (School Performances and 4 Public Performances)

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