Programa de teatro bilingüe / Dual Language Theatre Arts Program

We are currently offering Dual Language After School Programs at:

Silverthorne Elementary

Dillon Valley Elementary

Summit Cove Elementary

To better serve the community in which we live and provide high class theatre education to elementary students in Summit County, The Lake Dillon Theatre Company offers a Dual Language Theatre Arts Program at no cost to our families and schools. Our team is firmly committed to supporting our local working families and contributing to the health and sustainability of our community by providing an equitable, safe, creative, and culturally diverse learning environment for our youth.

After School Theater Arts Program

The Lake Dillon Theatre Company is offering The Dual Language After School Theatre Arts program for up to 45 students at Silverthorne Elementary and Dillon Valley Elementary and 30 students at Summit Cove Elementary schools.   This will be site based theatre arts education beginning at the end of school each day through 5:30pm every Monday through Friday (following SSD calendar).    The LDTC will also offer limited transportation to school neighborhoods to help families who need assistance.

Our Dual Language After School program will introduce and strengthen theatre arts skills that include:

  • Team work
  • Accountability
  • Discipline
  • Engage imagination and creativity
  • Foster curiosity, tolerance, kindness
  • Cultural awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-expression
  • Public speaking

To sign up your student for this program click the button below.   You may sign your student up for any amount of days during the week.    Since spaces are limited, we ask that you sign your student up for days you need and that he/she/they attend on those days.   Rules/regulations will be spelled out in the forms provided once registered.

Puppet making...
Shadow Puppets
Building a set.
Costume Relay Race
Costume Relay Race
Costume Relay Race
Fashion Show
Fashion Show

Individual Funders:
Peg & Lee Henry
Ky & Steve Bouchard
Scott Binder & Sandra Flickner
Chris & Shari Dorton
Jon Kirkpatrick
Beth & Rich Seeley

Program Funders:
The Summit Foundation
The Town of Silverthorne
Colorado Creative Industries
Summit County Government
Colorado for the Humanities
Summit School District