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Mini Virtual Concerts

Mini Virtual Concerts

Released every four days in April and May!

LDTC's family of performers are back with special mini concerts specifically for LDTC audiences. Reconnect with your favorite past performers with these live performances guaranteed to make you smile.  New concerts are available now through June.

April 13:  Bob Moore

April 18:  Alexa Hendrickson

April 22:  Adam Magnacca

April 26:  Chrissy Schmidt

April 30:  Caleb Warren

May 5:  Melanie Beck

May 8:  Wayne Shuker

May 12:  Kelly Renoux (and Family)

May 16:  Brett Figel and Jonathan Parks

May 20:  Ben Whitmore

May 24:  Michael Meketa

May 28:  Priscilla & Chris Flowers