Youth Camps & Classes

LDTC’s Youth Camps & Classes provide theatre-based education programs to Summit County’s youth. While students gain knowledge and skills in the performance arts through theatre, music, and dance classes, the program’s ultimate focus is to broaden perspectives, build confidence, and bolster community ties through shared experiences. The classes culminate into performances free to the public.

The Lake Dillon Youth Camps & Classes are a safe and encouraging environment for any child with an interest in performing arts. We not only take pride in developing creative passions but we allow children to work together, think outside the box, and most importantly, have fun!

If you have any questions or would like any more information about our Youth Camps & Classes, please contact Melissa Livingston by calling 970.513.1151 Ext. 103 or email

2022 SPRING Youth Programs

2022 SUMMER Youth Programs

2022 Youth Theatre Programs enrollment will be open soon!

2022 FALL Youth Programs