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Meet New Staff Member Kevin Carson

Meet New Staff Member Kevin Carson

What are you most excited about working at the LDTC?

Working at LDTC is a fantastic opportunity to continue to explore my two greatest interests, live theatre and the Rocky Mountains. After working freelance for many years I am also excited to have a year round home with a remarkable theatre company in a remarkable town!

What do you love most about Summit County?

Having spent the last 10 summer seasons in Aspen I am happy to have found a mountain town with the same diverse list of recreational opportunities and a much more laid back vibe! Before moving to the area I can’t count how many times I had driven through Summit and secretly wondered what the Gore and Ten Mile ranges have to offer. Summit County also has a very strong local community that has been unbelievably friendly and welcoming.

What kind of activities do you participate in Summit County?

Hiking, Flyfishing, Climbing, Snowboarding, Four Wheeling, Backpacking…. It seems like I find something to add to the list every day! Summit County has some pretty captivating and seldom accessed terrain and I cant wait to get out and explore it all. I was born and raised in Tampa, FL and spent most of my childhood on the ocean racing sailboats, so I certainly hope to make it out on the Lake this summer.

Why theatre?

I have been involved with theatrical production since middle school. As the world becomes increasingly more digital and we pay more attention to our phones and computers I feel that theatre is a very personal form of artistic expression that needs to be fostered and appreciated. There is something truly unique about seeing a live performance that technology will simply never be able match.

What do you think will be the most challenging and rewarding thing about your new position?

Having spent most of my career as a stage manager and designer I am very excited to transition into a more administrative role and focus more on the big picture. I have been interested in transitioning into production management for about five years and hope the experience will be both enlightening and rewarding. My biggest challenge will be learning to sit in the house on opening night rather than helping to run things backstage.