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Page to Stage

Page to Stage


November 13, 2017 All Day

Page to Stage

Discover How Words Come To Life

Page to Stage provides an in-depth study of dramatic works produced by the Lake Dillon Theatre Company. The Page to Stage group meets four times at different stages throughout the rehearsal process to witness, discuss, and experience the art of bringing a script from the ‘page’ to the ‘stage’

Murder for Two

The perfect combination of music, mayhem, and madness, MURDER FOR TWO is the 90-minute, 13-character, two -actor, one-piano whodunit musical comedy mystery that will leave audiences of all ages laughing out loud this holiday season.

Meeting 1: Nov 13th

Meeting 2: Nov 15th

Meeting 3: Nov 21st

Meeting 4:Nov 22nd

Opening Night: Nov 24th

Cost: $350 Per Person

To Enroll: Call 970.513.1151 Ext 106