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What We Leave Behind

What We Leave Behind


June 12, 2020 7:30 pm

What We Leave Behind

A New Developmental Production

Music and Lyrics By: Jenny Giering
Book and Lyrics By: Sean Barry
Venue:  The Henry Studio Theater
June 12 – 28

Illness changes us. Usually, those changes are temporary; we get sick, then we recover. But what happens when our health falters, and we fail to heal?  Based on the true story of one woman –  a writer, wife, mother, and lover – What We Leave Behind asks how to live a life forever altered by illness. Deeply intimate with a haunting score, this funny, touching musical shows us how to embrace a new self when the once familiar parts of life fall behind.

Sensual and heart-wrenching, this musical is poetic, passionate, and deeply compelling.

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