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Why Summer Outdoor Theatre?   Isn’t the Pandemic coming to an end?

We at the LDTC understand that Covid cases are dropping nationwide and vaccinations are proving extremely effective against infections and spread.    CDC and local County Health have also released guidelines that allow for indoor events/performances.   However, as a professional theatre company, we are also bound by the rules and regulations of the different Union affiliations (include Actor’s Equity Association, Stage Directors and Choreographers Union, among others).  We are still in negotiations with the unions as it pertains to producing live professional theatre both indoors and outdoors.   Very few professional theatre companies have been given permission from the Unions to produce live theatre with their members. The LDTC falls into this category.   We have been given preliminary approval for outdoor theatre but not for indoor theatre, yet.   Most professional theaters are waiting until the fall to produce any theatre.   We can’t wait to be back inside producing the art we know is so important to our society and community.   We will get there soon.

Why aren’t your summer shows being produced indoors in the CVA FLEX theatre?

When we closed THE ROOMMATE on Friday, March 13, 2020 - which was opening night - we vowed that THE ROOMMATE would be the first show we produced when we reopened.  The set, costumes, lights and props have all been waiting patiently for their chance to shine.  That moment will be September 8, 2021 when we rechristen the show for opening night.   With so much money invested in that show, it made perfect fiduciary sense for us to hold the CVA Flex for that show.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t permit us to open any other show in that theater.

But why produce theatre at all, if it can’t be inside?

Because it’s what we do.  AND, where better to experience the wonder and entertainment of live theater than in beautiful Summit County, Colorado?   We are excited to welcome back audiences in a new, exciting and fresh way….outdoors and with friends.   Bring a dinner, have a picnic, connect with others, and enjoy some great musical theater with the sounds of the 60’s and the 70’s.   Hey, at least its not outdoor theater in Houston or Tuscon in July where it is 100+ degrees.  🙂   Come enjoy what Summit County and the LDTC have to offer….great weather and great theatre - It’s how the ancient Greeks did it.  🙂

How are our seats reserved if we have to bring our own chairs?

We will be gridding the lawn with lawn paint.   As a patron, you will still have the option of selecting your proximity to the stage.  When you purchase your tickets online or by phone, you’ll have the option to choose your location.

Why do we have to bring our own chairs?

The SPAC Outdoor Theatre only offers lawn seating.   This gives you the opportunity to choose either comfortable seating or a relaxing blanket for a picnic style performance.   Don’t worry, the stage is elevated so sight lines should be good.

How do we use our Season Passes from 2020?

As mentioned in the Subscriber email that went out, if you rolled your season passes over to 2021, you will still have access to those tickets.  We are offering four theatrical opportunities for you to utilize your passes.  Because we are in a transitional period with our ticketing services, for the two summer shows, you’ll need to call the box office to reserve your seats.   We anticipate that in August, when the new system rolls out, you’ll be able to redeem your passes for tickets through our new system.  Until then, call us at the theater @ 970-513-9386 and someone will be able to help you book your seats. Please note: if you did not specify a preference with Patron Services in 2020 about what to do with your pass, it was rolled over to 2021.

What if I donated my Season Passes in 2020?

First off, THANK YOU, for your donation of your 2020 Season passes.  You helped us get through some very tough times.   Because of that, we are offering those patrons who donated their 2020 Season Passes the same benefits as if you still had them.   This means early reservations, additional ticket purchase opportunities, and early announcements.   Simply follow the same instructions as current Season Pass Holders and call the box office and a staff member will help you with you ticket purchases.

Will the LDTC Bar be open?

YES, YES, YES.  The LDTC bar will be open.   Because of our liquor license, you will not be able to bring your own alcoholic beverages but we’ll have a full bar waiting for you.

Can I bring food to the event?

YES, YES, YES.   We encourage you to bring dinner, bring a snack and enjoy the evening.   Just make sure you bring enough for the LDTC staff…..we get hungry sometimes.   🙂

Are pets allowed?

We love our pets (and yours).   Unfortunately, for the safety and comfort of all our patrons, we ask that you please keep all pets at home.  We’d love to see a picture, though.

Do I have to wear a mask?

NO. NO. NO.  Masks will not be required for our outdoor theatre productions.   We can’t wait to see your smiles.

Will there be Ovation Magazine Programs?

Yes, but they will digital.  Because of the uncertainties and timing with reopening, we’ve chosen digital programs that you can open on your phones.   It will work similarly to how restaurants used QR codes for their menus.   You will simply open your camera on your phone and hold it up to the QR Code and the link for the program will appear on your screen.  Your digital program will include all the necessary information such as; Artist Bio’s, Song lists, important LDTC information, sponsor ads and information and a little more.

What do you mean by the show will go on Rain or Shine?

Yep, this needs some clarification.   When we say “Rain or Shine” we are referring to the light Summit County sprinkles we occasionally get in the middle of the summer.  Of course, if the weather is anything other than that “sprinkle” we will have a policy in place that will allow all patrons to receive a refund or an opportunity to reschedule (or a donation of your tickets, if you choose).

Why are your summer camps still outside?

Since youth under the age of 12 cannot currently get vaccinated, CDC guidelines and Summit County Public Health still require mitigating protocols in place for our students.  Masks, for our students and teaching artists, will still be required indoors.

Call us at 970-513-9386 or email us at ldtc@lakedillontheatre.org if you have more questions.   We are hear to help!